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The Studios



Video Studio

You oughta be in pictures!


Come on down and get in front of the camera!

As a member of SAG-AFTRA or AEA in Chicago, you have free admission to a top-quality digital recording and editing suite. Equipment includes a flat screen LCD Monitor, a Pentium computer with editing software (Pinnacle Studio), a Panasonic digital video camera, umbrella lights on stands, 2 banks of stage lighting on dimmers, 2 VHS decks, and a DVD Player/Burner.

Create a professional-looking demo reel! Post your audition on the internet, or rehearse in front of the camera and be able to critique your work right away.

video audition

Audio Studio

The KMRC is the place to be!

audio studio


For anyone who needs a professional quality recording solution, the KMRC is the place to be!

The Audio Studio boasts a computer-based digital recording suite that SAG-AFTRA and AEA members may use to make demo reels, record auditions, or practice voiceover styles, dialects or jingles.

The studio is packed with equipment to boost your career, including a fast PC with a 19-inch monitor and CD burner, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge software, near-field monitors with dedicated power amplifier, two large diaphragm condenser microphones comparable to those used in recording studios, a recording booth, a combination CD/cassette player, a Mackie mixer with phantom power, and Sony headphones. If you’re a computer user who knows the difference between your mouse and your keyboard, you have what it takes to learn to be your own digital audio engineer — in your Kaufherr Center!

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