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Every organization has a defining moment – a point in time when individuals can collectively improve countless lives for years to come.  This is that moment for SAG-AFTRA members in the Midwest.  Thanks to your generous tax-deductible pledge, we can advance the professional careers of many union performers and secure the financial stability of the KMRC into the future.  Your gift will keep the Kaufherr Members Resource Center open and all its facilities available without charge to SAG-AFTRA/AEA members.  Please make your pledge and build the $1.5 million endowment needed to keep the KMRC – and Midwest performers’ skills – vibrant.

Please consider not only yourself, but also your entire community.  A rising tide lifts all boats.  Endow now with a three-year pledge and keep the KMRC free!   1000 members at $1 a day would raise 1 Million Dollars in three years.

Please click on the DONATE button (on the left )to make your pledge today!



Student Film Casting Notices


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"You gotta see it to believe it!"

The KMRC will be hosting Agent Access & Casting Access again this year. For complete Submission guidelines, click here.


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